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Why do you have to go on a cruise at least once in your life?

Why? Just because! 🤪 It's an unforgettable one-time life experience that I personally don't like that much. So, let's see...

FIRST: It's a huge house on the water, isn't that already impressive? I chose Royal Caribbean's “Odyssey of the Seas” cruise ship as the newest ship and I thought the coolest one. Let's look at this giant from the outside: 15 floors, maximum capacity of 4,905 passengers, the ship is only one year old, but it feels like it has never been used, everything is very fresh and new. There's entertainment for all tastes on the board. My recommendation is to go to all the shows because they are really great. 💃🏽🕺🏻

SECOND: it's the views! My cruise took me around the Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Crete. Some views you can't even see from the city itself: go up to the top floor of the ship and there's a view of Vesuvius or beautiful Sicily. And, of course, sunrises and sunsets. I never got to see the first one. 🥹

THIRD: is the variety of food and beverages. They have a really awesome buffet on board and a robot bartender! I don't know how, but everything was delicious and fresh, except for the seafood from one restaurant. 🤨

And this experience is something else, some will like it and some will say "never again". I'm somewhere in the middle. I would go for the itineraries and the kinds of views you won’t see from shore: Alaska or Norwegian fjords and would definitely set daily spending limits next time.

Happy to answer any questions you may have! ⬇️

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