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What can you do in the winter in Sicily?

Sicily is an Italian island surrounded by three seas. Winter temperatures fall to around 50˚F (10˚C). Sicily offers a mild wet winter that stays warm, with snow in some areas. When winter comes, there are usually fewer crowds at many attractions or activities. Be aware that accommodations in Sicily are not usually heated. Before booking a room for yourself, ask the support team if they have any heating system there. I was sleeping in warm clothes under a heavy blanket during few winter months in Sicily. Let me give you some ideas of what to do on the island during the cold season:

  • Skiing activity on Etna volcano. During the winter months, usually from December to March, the volcano is covered with snow. It's a great chance to have some fun skiing or snowboarding on an active volcano. If you are not into winter sports, you can go hiking to the top of volcano. I know great and knowladgable guide, just leave a comment and I will give contact details of him to you.

  • I hope that the winter season in Sicily will not stop you to explore beautiful cities with great history. It's not so cold and amazing Christmas decorations will add some photos to your gallery. Buy some souvenirs, try tasty Sicilian food, and just enjoy the vibes of Sicilian cities.

  • Tasting Sicilian wines and cheeses are the best way to pass another day on the island in winter. The main thing to remember is that the wines are so delicious that it will be hard to stop!🍷

Sicily is definitely worth visiting in the winter season. Your Italian holiday will cost less during the "low" season especially flights and hotels. If you are on budget travel, winter is a great opportunity to explore the Italian island 🌼

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