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Pros and cons of popular Bali island 🤙

Bloggers are really into editing photos from Bali so much that in reality you can’t realize that this shot was made there. Bali island became popular and well-known due to them. From one side, it’s fast-growing development of this island, from another - higher rate of robbery and scams.

I want to share my honest impressions after 8 months living in this mysterical Bali island 🌸

(Amazing Bali sunset)

Let's start with the positive sides.

  • Nature diversity🌿. Bukit Peninsula has plenty of picturesque beaches to choose from, Ubud is popular for visiting its jungles and waterfalls, Changu - rice fields.

  • Surfing 🏄🏼‍♀️ . Bali is one of the cheapest and best places to surf. Waves and perfect weather give a great opportunity for beginners to start surfing and for professionals to continue developing the skills.

(it’s me surfing for the second time)

  • Friendly Balinese people. Of course, due to the fact that the island is very touristic, in areas like Seminyak and Kuta, you will be treated as one big bill. In remote places, the locals seem genial.

  • A huge choice of housing, ranging from good guesthouses for $10 per day, to luxury villas for a couple of thousand dollars a day.

  • Cheap transport rental. My scooter costs only $50 per month and gasoline around $2 per week. I warn you to be careful on the roads. I highly recommend to take few classes before starting driving by your own. Obviously, better to have a license but we all know the reality. Rental places do not check the driving license and can easily give you a scooter without checking any documents apart from ID or passport. They will make sure that you will sign the contract where they charge a lot from you in case of any damage.

  • Bali has a fantastic traditional arts and craft scene. The island is crammed full of markets and galleries selling local masterpieces at very reasonable prices.

What don't I like about Bali?

  • Bali is a touristic village and for locals, we are the main income 😳 All costs money: higher parking fees for tourists, entrances to beaches and view points and so on. Here, neither minus nor plus but just let you know as a fact.

  • Thefts. The most popular scam is reading pin codes of bank cards. To protect yourself from this, I suggest you to have two bank accounts and transfer only the necessary amount from the main account before withdrawing the cash or paying the bill. Another one is stealing bags / phones right out of hands.

  • Road chaos 🛵 The most dangerous drivers are local women and newly expats / tourists. Even if you follow all the rules, it doesn't mean that you will not get into an accident. Unfortunately, there are so many crazy drivers all around the island. Some drivers are not really worried about having mirrors on their scooters.

  • Expensive medicine. Be sure to buy travel insurance before you go. Medicine for travellers are incredible expensive.

  • Unstable Internet. Bali is not a paradise for freelancers. Although some places have good internet connection around touristic areas like Changu, Kuta or Seminyak. Much worse on Bukit Peninsula and other areas.

This only my personal opinion and what I've noticed while living in Bali. Do you agree or disagree with me?

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