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Morocco. Top recommendations to travel around Morocco

I would like to give you a few recommendations I wish I knew before traveling to Morocco.

  • Withdraw some cash through ATM after passing passport control. I can tell you our story. My husband and I landed at Menara International Airport in Marrakesh. I saw two exchange currency places and there were quite a lot of people. If you want to save time, I highly recommend using one of the three ATM machines after passing passport control. It's visible and you will not miss it. It charged us only 3% per card and we saved at least an hour in a queue and didn't pay extra fees.

  • Have a small change. Everyone in Morocco expects you to tip them. So, it is just convenient always to have some small change to tip people who somehow help you during the trip.

  • Explore around. Morocco is a truly beautiful country and it will not disappoint you. We had such a wonderful trip and I do not even know what my impressions would be if we stay only in Marrakesh. I will write more suggestions and give you some recommendations about the itinerary we used in the next article.

(That's me looking at the brightest future)

  • A rental car is very convenient. Don't be afraid to drive around Morocco. Personally, I read a lot of articles before this trip and I didn't find any that suggested renting a car. Yes, you need to be very cautious of choosing a reliable company and the deposit for the car is generally very high to compare with other countries. But to rent a car is cheap and to drive on Moroccan roads is a pleasure. I have never seen such well-maintained roads in Africa! Oh, and these landscapes are splendid. Before choosing how you will travel around Morocco, I recommend setting destinations you desire to visit and check if you can reach there by public transport.

(Just one example of road you will experience if you drive to desert nearby Merzouga village)

  • Ask "How Much?" before using the service of guides, luggage helpers and etc. Especially, if you travel straight after pandemic time. Moroccan trade business was shouted for a year and a half and it's a tough time to get back into the same path as before. Be prepared that you might be the only tourist on the busy road in Marrakesh and guides will be fighting for you even if you don't want to hire anyone. Just accept this fact that tips will be one of the big expenses of this trip.

(Square in old city of Fez)

I hope you will have a pleasant journey around Morocco and my recommendations will help to have a better holiday experience.

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