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Facts about Sicilians I've noticed 🙌

Italy is a country of contrast. The closer to the south, the more temperamental people I found. Let me describe to you some of the factors I've noticed during my few month's stay on the beautiful island.

  • There are no traffic cops on the road. Yeah, that's right! Maybe I get used to that in Russia there are many policemen on the roads who make sure to stop you and check your documents.

  • It is almost impossible to see a car without scratches on it . Every self-respecting Sicilian is sure that he/she can drive through a narrow street;

  • There is a small town of long-livers called Troin, where the average age of a resident is around 100 years old!

  • To be honest, I gained some weight in Sicily because the food is soooooo delicious but Sicilians themselves are very sporty and slim people. Even considering that Sicilians are having dinner not earlier than 10 pm. Please, tell me your secret 🙏;

  • Absolutely all Italians are picky about their food. Going to a restaurant sometimes causes a huge problem because not all family members want to have a pizza for a dinner tonight;

  • A true Italian is usually late on every occasion. The limit of normal - all know that it is 15 minutes;

  • It is almost impossible to meet Italian women from the south with complexes. From early childhood, they have been pampered with compliments - "Bella"!

Sicily is a part of Italy with friendly and open-minded people. I truly fell in love with this island with their its own rules, traditions and rules 🤙

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