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Ideal 10 days itinerary around Morocco

To properly feel the vibe of this diverse country, I highly recommend renting a car and having experience traveling around Morocco. It will give you freedom in timing and save a lot of money for private transfers.

I was inspired by multiply YouTube video advice, articles, and popular travel journals. I chose places I wanted to visit, cities I wanted to travel to, and a "must-have" list. I came to the conclusion that renting a car is the best solution (promise, next article will be about how to rent a car in Morocco) but for now, I will suggest you ideal itinerary around Morocco

Marrakesh - 3 days - Eden Andalou Suites, Aquapark, and Spa.

The first three days I and my husband decided to spend in Marrakesh. As my partner wanted to have a rest after a tough working year, we decided to spend these days in an "All-inclusive" hotel a bit outside of Marrakesh but not too far away to have an opportunity to visit the city. We spend these days using all the facilities including Aquapark with absolutely no people in it and Spa zone. Lovely! A full review of this hotel will be on my YouTube channel soon (you can find me there as "Ekaterina Rubina"). I have already posted a video about Medina (old city) of Marrakech where we spend half of one these first days.

Rabat - 2 days - Riad Kalaa

On the last day in Marrakesh, we took a rental car and the next day drove to the capital of Morocco - modern Rabat city. You just can't miss it out! Absolutely beautiful and much less crazy city than Marrakesh. Driving there was alright apart first 10-15 minutes driving through the center of the city. Horses, cars, motorcycles, people are just mixed up and spread around roads. It is really tough but I am sure you will manage it and then the roads will be pleasant. Just keep in mind that absolutely all roads in Morocco are well-maintained and almost empty of cars between cities. Don't mind taxi drivers on the roads of Rabat. They will signal you but it doesn't mean you should react. This is their typical driving style. And what about the city? Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

We had few nights in stunning traditional Riad not far from the main sightseeing of Rabat.

Fez - 4 days - Hotel and Spa Dar Bensouda

My plan was to spread these days to explore the old city in Fez and to have a day trip to Blue city calls Chefchaouen. But as we were going to drive for a long distance next days, we decided to chill on the roof terrace in our traditional Riad and have a day trip to the closest excursion including visiting Monkey Forest and few small waterfalls. Personally, I didn't enjoy it. The first 5 stops we made during this day trip were like "Why did we even stop here?" In a brief, nothing exciting to see. The monkey forest was alright but I am not very much a fan of monkeys and the last waterfall was "extra" as I was so disappointed by the previous waterfalls which we didn't see due to the lack of water. Anyway, Fez is worth visiting! I am so glad we didn't miss it.

The Sahara Desert closely Merzouga village (often calls Merzouga desert) - 2 days - Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp

The Sahara Desert near the city of Merzouga is the top place during the Morocco trip. Just imagine: starring at Milky Way in the middle of nowhere listening to traditional Berber songs.

I can tell you the most memorable attraction we have done during this Morocco trip and it has happened on one of these two days in the desert: Quid bikes on dunes. It was an unbelievable experience. We had few stops on the top of dunes and I have never seen anything like this in my entire traveling career.

I would love to mention the road from Fez to Merzouga as well. Absolutely stunning! Incredibly picturesque, but it took us around 8-9 hours to finally reach the point on the map. There we were met by a driver and transfer car and he drove us another 30 minutes to the camp.

Returned to Marrakech - 3 days - Riad Selouane

We decided to allocate more days for shopping and sightseeing. After a long way drive back (around 12 hours), the first day in Marrakesh we spend just chilling. The next day we explored the city and went to see a few sightseeings which we haven't visited first few days.

The rest of these days we spend shopping, enjoying relaxing massage and looking through all the stunning photos and videos we have taken.

The road from the desert to Marrakesh took us about 12 hours. This road was very winding but so beautiful. We couldn't miss the most stunning point - Tisdrine Boumalne Dades. It is around 40 minutes one way from the main road to Marrakesh. I think it was worth it. We had lunch in a restaurant on the top of the mountain with this view (photo below):

I will write reviews and my personal opinion about all riads and hotels I've mentioned in this article. For now, I wish you to get the best from your Morocco experience and I am happy if you like my advice and choose this itinerary for your own travel around this splendid country.

How do you find this itinerary? Leave your comment below this post.

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