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Beach clubs in Bali

Beach clubs are such popular attraction in Bali. Purpose of beach club is to provide exclusive access to a beach with endless amounts of delish food and cocktails. All beach clubs try to be better than others. Some of them invite famous DJ's, live bands or dance performance to attract more tourists. This kind of clubs usually only work until midnight.

Pros: beautiful views, clean beaches, beach day + live performance.

Cons: usually crowded, high entrance fee, many beach clubs have a mandatory deposit in their restaurants.

(that's me drinking something in ClubMed Nusa Dua club)

I have chosen the best ones for you (please consider that I have been there in 2020 and prices may change):

1. Sunday’s Beach Club (Ungasan district)

Live bands play there, they make a fire in the evenings, a beach looks clean and calm ocean without surfers.

Cost: Rs 350,000 per person;

It is also an option to purchase VIP.


2. Omnia

The most popular beach club in Bali. On weekends they invite popular DJs, stunning views, a swimming pool with a transparent bottom. The entrance fee is quite expensive.

The cost for the first line by the pool is 1,200,000 rupees, the second 1,000,000 rupees, the same is a deposit for food and drinks in their restaurant.

3. ClubMed Nusa Dua

There are few options: day pass (from 10 am to 18 pm), evening pass (from 18 pm to 12 am) and full day. The territory is really huge! There are several swimming pools, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, archery and they even offer multiply water sports activities. Everything is included in the price for entry, and most importantly, it's all unlimited including alcoholic beverages and delicious food.

Day pass: 1 100 000 rupees per person

Evening Pass (evening): 1 300 000 rupees per person

Full Day: 1,900,000 rupees per person

4. Karma Beach Bali

Admission: Rs 300,000

Restaurant deposit: Rs 350,000 per person

The cost includes a towel rent, a sun-bed and a funicular to a beach.

Lifehack: you can go down the stairs on the left side of the entrance and walk along the beach to the club for free of charge.

5. Potato Head Beach Club (Kerobokan region)

Unusual place in modern art style.

Sofa for two on the first line cost 1 500 000 rupees

There is no deposit, but be sure to eat at 500,000 rupees (line by the pool).

Have you ever visited beach club? How do you find it?

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