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Hello Dear Traveler!

My name is Katerina, you can call me Katya. I am a passionate traveler, photographer, and artist. I want to tell you a little bit about myself and how my love to travel started. 


I’m a world traveler originally from the Far East of Russia, born and raised on the Sakhalin island (now I see you checking where the hell is that). Hah, it is far away from everywhere and close to Japan.


I have not only just visited countries but also lived there for a quite long time. I had previously worked in the African continent for 2 years in total in addition to living and working around Bali, Italy, and Turkey. I had the experience of hitchhiking around Europe, living and working in the United States, cruising around Baltic countries. I can definitely say that I’m an experienced traveler. 


In each of my journeys, I try to speak with locals. Remember that locals are the best guides. I dive into cultures and explore non-touristic routes. I like to use local advice to find the hidden jams and try the best local food.


I created this website to share with you how to travel more and smartly. I want to break the border between you and the fears you might have about traveling. 

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